The History

Before being diagnosed with Lupus (SLE), I was never sick with any general aillments like a cold, stomach bug or flu, even if people around me were sick, I didnt get ill. It was like this for about 15 years before I was diagnosed with Lupus. About 3 years before my diagnosis, I was experiencing severe pains in my joints, 

it started in my shoulders and my elbows, and I would wake up at night in terrible pain that was so severe that I would cry, and no pain medication would help. When I first went to my GP with these symptoms, they thought I had hurt myself while gyming, as I used to gym a lot, I was what you called a gym bunny. I would train at least 2 hours a day minimum. So at first I was treated with anti-inflamatory injections for this, but the relief was short lived.

Then we started looking into possible arthritis, i.e. Goute arthritis and Osteoarthritis until finally my GP said he wants to test for Rheumatoid arthritis.

In prior years, At least 15 years prior, I had also experienced a rash on my chest, and also on my face, and was at the time refered to a Dermatologist, who told me that I had a allergy to the sun, and that a lot of people have this. I was given cortizone cream, which helped, and told I can no longer lie and suntan like I used to do and would need to use sunscreen to protect my chest and face, which is what I did, and the rash went away, and did not reappear for some years. 

However during the last year, prior to being diagnosed, I started developing a rash again on my forhead along the hairline and on my face in front of my ears, and was using cortizone cream as and when needed, but it would reappear, I would use the cream, and it would then dissapear for a while. 

The GP then did the test for RA, and contacted me to say he was going to conduct further tests, as he thought he might know what I have. Two days later I was told I have Lupus (SLE)

The Answer

It had been a long 3 years of suffering and not knowing exactly what was wrong, but now I had a diagnosis, which initially scared the hell out of me, but then I realised… I know what I have, so now I can find out exactly what Lupus is and how I can try to learn to manage this chronic disease. 

Half the battle is in the mind, and if you focus on what you can control and not what you cant, it keeps you moving forward and taking action.

When you can’t control what is happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening…..  That is where your POWER is!

4 Replies to “My Lupus Diagnosis”

  1. I just read this article and it is so moving. Thank you for taking us on the journey. It´s like I felt your emotions. I can only imagine the shock, fear, and what? You must have experienced. Love your positive attitude though

  2. Hi Lindy,
    Thank you so much for being so open as to share something so personal, your diagnosis of lupus.

    I love ❤️ your passion in your story and I would definitely love to help you (in a very natural way) with your struggle.

    Because, my passion is to heal the world 🌎 one patient at a time.

    It was so good to read you’re a believer in the natural health benefits of homeopathy medicine treatments for lupus (without all the side affects of modern medicines).

    With that said, feel free to check back with me at I am working on a post just for you entitled “Homeopathy Treatments for Lupus!” It should be up and running in a few weeks!

    Blessings and True Healings,


    P.s. Never Give up Hope🙏🏽❤️🦋✝️

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